Engine Yard Moves to San Francisco

Some of you already know that we’ve moved our headquarters from Sacramento to San Francisco.

Perhaps a half-dozen customers and Rails folks have stopped by and said “hi”, which is always enjoyable and educational.

We started thinking about moving earlier in 2007, then found a great location in October in the area called “South Park”. It’s difficult to find space in South Park, and this space had just come on the market the day before we came looking, so we figured it was destiny :-).

The building has office space on the ground floor and 3 apartments above. The building faces a small park.

One of the apartments is for visiting employees and customers, and the other two apartments are for permanent employees.

Ezra moved from Spokane about a month ago, Tom just moved from Sacramento this week, Loren is more or less living full-time in SF, and I’m splitting my time between SF and Sacramento for a little while longer.

The core team will be living and working in San Francisco within the next month, and various other employees are considering moving to SF or to nearby Sacramento.

Sacramento is 90 miles away and is where our first 6 clusters are housed. Don’t worry, we have 2 great employees staying in Sacramento and a 3rd is probably going to move to Sacramento from Missouri, so we’ll always have very competent people near the Sacramento data center, not to mention the 24-hour employees of the data center itself.

We see this move as an important part of being closer to our customers and to the Ruby and Rails communities.

Ronelly opens the office between 8:30-9:00am and closes around 4:30pm, but most of us are night owls, so we’re around much later in many cases.

If you’re in San Francisco, please stop by. We’d love to see you!