Cluster 2 Almost Done!

Our new “Cluster 2” is almost ready for testing!

Our architecture- and hardware-focused team, led by Jayson and Tom, has worked tirelessly for the past 3-4 weeks.

Major stages included racking up the equipment, running power and ethernet (no small task!), and then a week of heavy-duty, low-level testing, such as 100+ hour memory tests on each server (which yielded some bad RAM and 1 bad server, both of which have been replaced and won’t be there to possibly affect our customers!).

Cluster 2 and Tom at about midnight June 8th.

Tom and Jayson working on something cool.

Close-up of the front. Servers and SANs are physically spread out in C2.

Nice, neat, color-coded cabling!

Our Macs are never far away.