April 21-22 Pics from NYC, San Jose, & San Francisco

We had a busy and fun weekend at Ruby conferences in New York and San Jose (and, by extension, San Francisco).

Tom was in NYC and Ezra came out to San Jose / San Francisco. Both were a lot of fun. Tom met a few Engine Yard customers along with catching the conference. I joined Ezra on Sunday and found some guys in the audience from QHI and from Engine Yard.

Below are pics from (in order): New York, San Jose, and San Francisco.

The final pic (coffee) was the very end of Sunday; by that time, we had all wandered from San Jose to Palo Alto to SF and had met a lot of cool people along the way. We would have stayed out later, but the darn place closed at 11pm!

These events are always fun and educational. And we’re happy to help sponsor them.

New York, Gotham Ruby Conference (Tom has the red/white striped shirt)

New York, Gotham Ruby Conference

San Jose, Silicon Valley Ruby Conference (Ezra is presenting)

San Jose, Silicon Valley Ruby Conference (Blake, Lance, and EY customer Sid)

San Francisco, Coffee in the Mission (Randall, Blake, Lance, Ezra)