Video Testimonial for Our Consulting/Recruiting Services

Some of our customers know that we have a 4-year-old professional services company, called Quality Humans, Inc. (QHI).

QHI works with Rails clients large and small, from San Francisco to Nashville. We get to work with some of the coolest Rails technology and some of the brightest Rails people, so we’re in a good position to offer all sorts of professional services, from remote development by US developers, to on-site consulting, to employee recruiting and training.

Robert Krohn and Greg Spurrier are co-founders of My Digital Life in Palo Alto, CA. We’re helping with on-site architecture consulting (Tom), remote development (Don in Portland), and employee recruiting for their Palo Alto office.

Robert and Greg were kind enough to give a video testimonial about their work with us: Quality Humans, Inc. - Videos.

Thank you, Robert and Greg! Here’s to smooth sailing with My Digital Life!