Details Coming Together!

I added another couple of beta customers onto the cluster today. It’s so exciting to see new sites come to life on this environment! The customers who understand and appreciate what we’re doing add so much support, it’s difficult to thank them enough! I’ll try though! “Thank you early customers!”

We were originally assigned a /28 address block (16 addresses, 11 usable due to the intricacies of the high availability system in use our data center) which we knew would not be enough. We just received a /24 address block (class C) (256 addresses, 251 usable). Another small detail in the series of what sometimes seems to be the 1,000,000 details required to put together our system.

In a small bit of weirdness, both the data center and our load balancer manufacturer seemed to think it odd that we would need or want two subnets on the same physical wire. This is a fairly standard setup, yet it seems to be not as entirely common as I thought. :-) Perhaps this is a symptom of increased density due to virtualization?

In any case, the only change required was a switch change on the data center side, and all is fine now, and we’re responding to both subnets perfectly.

On another note, a big “thank you” to all who are blogging about us and our progress! We’re receiving a fair amount of attention from those blog references, so please keep up the good work. We really appreciate it!