Blogging from Ruby on Rails Camp

I just sat down in the auditorium of the Alamaden Research Center. Until I arrived here this morning, I don’t think I have ever fully grokked the full size and scale of IBM. This facility is located in the rolling hills of San Jose. It’s absolutely breathtaking!

Wido Menhardt has just taken up the microphone. He’s a businessman and entrepreneur, and a technologist going back to assembly language, “including one common known as ‘C’.”

This is an unconference event, and this first session is to determine sessions and moderates for the rest of the day.

He explained that he organized this conference so that he and few others (audience included) could answer the question “Is Ruby on Rails ready for business?” He’s very interested to know what people think now, and what they think tonight, after the unconference.

Sponsors for the event include:

Engine Yard
Blue Box Hosting
Pragmatic Programmers
More to follow as the day progresses!

P.S. I’m hoping to moderate a discussion on Rails deployment. :-)