A Really Good Week at Engine Yard

We just wrapped up a really good week at Engine Yard.

Ezra, Jayson, and Mike were in Sacramento, working with Tom on everything from the control panel to increasingly impressive systems to manage slices, fence off slices when needed, etc. There’s something very cool about getting everyone together every so often, which we’ve been doing about every 4-6 weeks.

We also had a visit by two really nice guys from a customer in the SF Bay. They toured our data center and generally wanted to know about our company structure, capitalization, personal business backgrounds, etc. They are a small but serious organization, with goals starting nationally and extending to data centers in other countries. They decided to start with 4 slices for testing and have also asked us to think about time and costs for providing dedicated Rails clusters abroad. Very cool!

As if that weren’t enough, the week ended on a high note, with Quality Humans making a deal late Friday to provide a great Rails developer (based in New York) to our client in Santa Barbara. We just visited Santa Barbara last weekend, so we know the client is a great company and we think both parties will like and benefit each other.

Overall, a very positive week… thanks to everyone who’s making it possible, especially our customers!